5 startup trends to watchout for in 2017

jpgBy Ashish Mittal
With the year 2016 drawing to a close, it is time to pick up some key trends that will shape how next year may look like. Sentiment in the startup space is bullish, but not unnecessarily euphoric. With that in mind, some broad themes that one can expect to play out next year:

Valuation is not the name of the game
It became clear somewhere towards the end of 2015, that the valuation game had to end. Lofty valuations and raising $1 million in seed rounds, which had become normal mid-2015, gave way to rational thinking. In 2016, the emphasis has been on business metrics like revenue and profitability. In fact, 2017 will be the year when startups had to raise money at a more realistic valuation, driving home the fact that this year’s euphoria and hype is not sustainable. Continue reading “5 startup trends to watchout for in 2017”



It was only six months ago, that we saw the global phenomenon that is Startup Weekend first come to Sri Lanka. It all began with Startup Weekend Jaffna where we saw 12 young startups take their first steps in a single weekend. Only a few months later, we saw Startup Weekend Colombo – the second Startup Weekend in Sri Lanka. And today, we are at the University of Jaffna for Startup Weekend Vanni.

There are approximately 100 participants inside the auditorium of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Jaffna. For 54 hours, they will brainstorm, experiment, validate and build a business idea. When the weekend ends, the participants will have taken the first steps in building their very own startup. Continue reading “STARTUP WEEKEND VANNI HAS BEGUN”